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Important bug fix for outline-saving

A bug report on the opmlsupport mail list from David Wilkinson, requiring an immediate fix....

The bug: If something was hoisted, and the user saved, only the currently-visible text would be saved. Any non-visible text would be lost if the user closed the window after saving. This bug has been there for a long time, since we started saving outlines in XML. It's fixed by a change in

At first I thought it would require a kernel change, to emulate the code when packing an outline (it pops all hoists, does the pack and then restores them), but I found a way to do this in a script.

The updated version of is here:

I felt this change was so important that it be included in all forks of the codebase, after sufficient review. Data loss is a serious issue, as you can see in Mr Wilkinson's post.

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