Permanent link to archive for 7/14/04. Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Welcome to the CD site.

I chose this name because it's short, and in computer-ese it means Change Directory. I kind of think that's what this site is about. Changing.

Anyway, six people are part of this process, so far:

1. Andre Radke

2. Steve Zellers

3. Jake Savin

4. David Brown

5. David Luebbert

6. Dave Winer

Please don't download any software or otherwise read the content on this site unless you agree to the following.

1. This is confidential, you may only discuss this stuff here.

2. While the intention is to release the source under an open source license, it could possibly not happen, so invest your time with that caveat in mind.


The immediate goal is to get a Macintosh build using modern tools. After that, I'd like to recruit a Windows and Linux programmer to do the same for those two OSes. I will also invite several lawyers to work with us on licensing issues. And the final goal is to come up with a roadmap for post-release work, validation suites, commercial licenses, funding, etc.

I look forward to a thoughtful, fun, careful, and productive project here.

Dave Winer