Build Instructions

UserLand Frontier(tm) -- Version 10.0a1 Open Source Release

Building the Frontier kernel currently requires Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro 8 for Mac or Windows with the 8.3 updates. Other versions might work, too, but have not been tested.

Getting Started

1. Locate the Frontier.mcp project file in the build_CW8 directory and open it with CodeWarrior.

2. Select a target from the popup menu at the top of the project window. It is a good idea to start with the Debug build for your current platform, e.g. Frontier OSX Debug if you are running CodeWarrior on Mac OS X.

3. Select the Make command from the Project menu.

4. When CodeWarrior has finished compiling and linking, locate the resulting application in the sub-directory of the build_CW8 directory whose name corresponds to the target name you chose under step #2. Copy the application to a directory containing a Frontier installation with at least a Frontier.root file and launch it.

5. Report problems and ask questions on the Frontier Kernel mailing list:


When you open the Frontier.mcp project file on Windows or on classic Mac OS, CodeWarrior will complain that the access path

{System}Library/CFM Support/StubLibraries

cannot be found. This means that you will not be able to build the Mac OS X version on those platforms, but it does not affect the versions for Windows and classic Mac OS.

When you build the Frontier PPC or Frontier PPC Debug targets, expect CodeWarrior to report a single link warning about the errno variable being defined in OTXTILib and MSL_ALL_PPC.Lib (or MSL_ALL_PPC_D.Lib). You can safely ignore this warning.

When you build the Frontier Win or Frontier Win Debug target, expect CodeWarrior to report about 240 compiler warnings, mostly about redeclared identifiers in Microsoft header files, some missing function prototypes, and some unused variables. You can ignore these warnings.

This source code download does not come with a Frontier installation for testing the applications compiled from the code. For this purpose, minimal installations for each platform are available for donwload from the Frontier Kernel website at: